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If you have a real estate, mortgage, financial or other relevant website, we are currently exchanging links for our referrals directory. Your reciprocal link will be posted as soon as we confirm our link is present on your site and that your link meets the criteria outlined below in bold.

Fill out the form below only if the page were you'll place the link to our website:

    1. is not more than two clicks away from you home page,
    2. is not on a sub domain,
    3. is on the same domain you are requesting a reciprocal link to,
    4. can be navigated manually from your home page,
    5. has less than 100 links (internal & external) on the page,
    6. is accessible to the search engine spiders,
    7. is not written in Java script,
    8. blocked by robots.txt file,
    9. or has an expiration meta tag...

1. Put a link to this web site by using the information below:


Title: PA Mortgage Rates

Description: - Free no obligation online Pennsylvania mortgage application.

Or copy and paste the HTML code below to your primary links page:

Our Link should look like this on your page:

PA Mortgage Rates - Free no obligation online Pennsylvania mortgage application.


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